Who we are

We are the team of passionate designers that want to spark change in Shell by inspiring a design mindset by teaching our people hands-on design skills.

Our goals

Inspire you with the design mindset
Guide you through a design process
Empower you with design tools

We believe in ...

Being generous

It's not about us, strive to lift others, genuine, help others grow, our learnings in your hands
We create an atmosphere of growth, mentorship and coaching, nurture.

Continuously, consistently

Determination, persistence, perseverance, solution oriented, comfort with failure, learning by doing
We write emails, blog posts, link shared, posters.

Action with intent and courage

Purposeful, responsible, grounded, consistent, courageous, creative confidence, force of ideas, impact focus
We challenge ourselves and others to do and be better.

Great things, created together

Collaboration, open minded, curious, listen and learn from different perspectives, diverse, humble in our knowledge - to ultimately become a better leader of change
We create a community, shared platform, shared mindset.

Good to meet you

Dorin Vancea
Dorin VanceaLead Product Designer
Dorin Vancea
An LeProduct Designer
Dorin Vancea
Anish JoshiHead of Innovation and Design
Dorin Vancea
Erika BarnardPrinciple Change Manager

Our Spark Coaches

Tim Bouckley
Tim BouckleyHead of Design, Agile Hub London
Marriel Cochico
Marriel CochicoService Designer

Our Sponsors

Kayoor Garawajala
Kayoor GarawajalaVP Business Readiness
Vaibhav Kumar
Vaibhav KumarFull Stack Developer Manager
Michiel Steltenpool
Michiel SteltenpoolGM Digital Product Engineering