Dorin Vancea, Product Generalist

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For the past 15 years I've been involved in every layer of the product stack—from strategy to planning, execution and delivery to marketing and optimisation.

Throughout these years, I was exposed to a variety of processes, ways of working, methodologies, teams and cultures, helping me recognise and develop a good intuition of what mix of ingredients deliver value.

Some of the companies I was lucky to work with in various capacities—employee, consultant or freelancer:

37signals logo adidas logo HSBC logo EY-Seren logo NOWTV logo RoyalCaribbean logo VirginMedia logo Aha! logo OpenAsset logo Rawnet logo

Side Projects

I love tinkering with the latest tech, building tools I personally use, and happily share with the world for free. Scratching an itch and staying on top of things, really. Here are my latest: is a one-click temperature check tool to help you connect, learn from and strengthen your bond as a team.

Ready to use icons by both designers and developers to quickly bootstrap products.

Minimal tool for framing instagram posts.

Recent work history

Currently: Product Designer at 37signals

Building and

Programme Lead at Shell New Energies

Creating processes, building tools and deliver a global upskilling programme to support Shell's efforts in becoming a customer-centred organisation.

Head of Product Design & UX at HSBC

Heading up the design of the new global HSBC public website, rolled out in over 70 markets delivering a modern, more personalised and relevant experience for millions of HSBC customers around the globe.

Head of Experience Design at EY-Seren

Heading up UX & Visual Design at EY-Seren, developing the design practice, mentoring and upskilling the team and delivering user-centred products and services.